Beating the Winter Blues!

posted Mar 18, 2010 by Kathleen Zalko

Still feeling the winter blues? Here are some helpful tips to get you through the rest of it, even though spring is just around the corner!

Do 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week. This will help give you more energy, increase circulation, and aid in restful sleep at night.

Yoga and Meditation. You need to stretch and relax after those hard workouts and busy days, not just your body, but your mind as well. Choose a slower paced yoga such as Hatha and make the most of those stress-busting breathing techniques. The full meditation and relaxation portion of the Complete Body Workout DVD is an excellent choice!

Proper Diet. Make sure you include these essential mood boosting foods on your list. They are high in B vitamins, minerals and omega 3’s. Salmon, fish oil, flax seeds or flax oil, avocado, almonds, bananas, whole grains, spinach, olive oil, berries and tomatoes. Taking extra vitamins such as B complex, vitamin E & Vitamin D3 can also be very beneficial. Avoid salt, trans-fats, and refined sugars as much as possible.
Try to limit your daily caffeine intake as well. Caffeine can stay in your system for up to 12 hours and can make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. We all know that getting the proper amount of sleep does wonders for your mood and your whole body!

Aromatherapy such as essential oils, are known to possess wonderful properties that can reduce stress, ease tense nerves, and help bring you feelings of well-being. Most oils come in a variety of blends to treat multiple symptoms. They are available in sprays that can be used on clothes, pillows, or even misted onto the neck and face! The drops are excellent additions to a nice hot bath (with candles on the side of course!) Check with your Naturopath for suggestions or allergy concerns first, or if you are pregnant or nursing.

If the sun is out, dress warm and go for a walk! Make the most of any sunshine you can get. It will improve your mood and you will also benefit from the extra exercise. Choose a park or seawall if you have access. Take in some nature in while you’re at it! S.A.D. lights are also an option.

Take time for YOU!!! (This does not mean cleaning the house or running errands) Set aside at least 1 hour a day for doing whatever you enjoy doing, something that will relax you and/or put you in a positive frame of mind. Read a book, watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite music. Shut off the phone and lock the door, this is your time for YOU!
That pesky email inbox can wait too.

Hope these tips will help! It’s already getting warmer and the spring flowers are coming out in some parts of the country so hang in there! Summer is coming!

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Why You Should Stretch. Yes, You!

posted Feb 22, 2010 by Kathleen Zalko

The Importance of Stretching

We’ve heard it over and over again, yet many of us don’t take the time to do it. We either rush through our stretches, wait until we’ve overdone it and are stiff or sore and then stretch, or we simply skip it altogether.

Stretching has many benefits besides the good old “stretch to avoid injury” mantra.
It should be used with every workout program, at certain periods during the day (whether you sit at a desk or have a physically demanding job) and can also be used on your days off or your rest days to keep stiffness at bay and keep your muscles flexible. Yoga and Pilates also have excellent stretching components.

Stretching reduces muscle soreness after a workout, and lengthens the muscle to improve flexibility, mobility and circulation. To get the best results you need to stretch before and after a workout or physical activity. Do a 5 minute warm-up at a low or medium pace to warm up your muscles prior to your pre-workout stretch. (Don’t stretch your muscles when they’re cold!) Stretching after your training session is equally important. Hold all stretches steady for 20-30 seconds each, do not bounce. Be sure to include each muscle group that you used in your training and always stretch both sides equally.

However stretching should not be painful! Don’t over extend yourself. If you have any injuries such as sprains, fractures, etc, or inflamed joints, always be sure to check with your doctor before you do any stretching or physical activity.

The Key to Crunches...Technique!

posted Feb 11, 2010 by Kathleen Zalko

If you want to maximize the results from your crunches and avoid injury, the key is proper technique!

The Basic Crunch
Lie on the floor on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart. Place your hands behind your head or neck for support. Keep your chin pointing upward while you lift your head and back up, make sure your chin isn’t against your chest. Crunches are not full sit-ups so you only need to sit about 1/3 of the way up each time. Keep your back and your neck in a straight line and use your abs to lift you, don’t pull on your head with your hands, (remember, they’re just there for support)
Pause in the raised position, and then slowly lower back to the floor. Each crunch should be done slowly, taking 4-5 seconds to really target your abdominal muscles.

Try to aim for 3 sets of 15 crunches in the beginning. As you build strength in your core you can work your way up to 25+ crunches per set, or try different variations of the crunch to target different areas (there are plenty to choose from!) Be sure to exhale as you crunch up and inhale on the way down. Good luck and happy crunching to you!

The Benefits of Including Yoga...

posted Feb 08, 2010 by Kathleen Zalko

Did you know that Yoga is one of the most popular exercise practices in North America? Yoga can be practiced by anyone, at any age or fitness level. It can dramatically increase flexibility, tone muscle, lubricate joints, massage internal organs and aid in digestive function. That’s why our Complete Body Workout DVD includes yoga, in addition to cardio and other exercises, because we recognize all the additional benefits that it provides. The meditation at the end is also a valuable tool to help you relax your body and your soul.

Light Activities for your Rest Days

posted Feb 04, 2010 by Kathleen Zalko

Stretching and Yoga are great alternatives for light activity on your rest days (make sure you take 1-2 rest days per week). This will help you maintain flexibility while allowing time for recovery between workouts.

Why Complete Body Workout is For You!

posted Feb 01, 2010 by Kathleen Zalko

Complete Body Workout targets all the main muscle groups in your body and also involves a cardiovascular component. This ensures that you will burn more calories per session than other workouts, and will get you on the fast track to weight loss!

For further toning and firming your body, alternate days of the CBW, with weight training, cardio and rest days. (1-2 rest days per week) This will allow you to lose weight faster while allowing your muscles time between workouts for recovery. Stretching or yoga classes are also great alternatives if you want light activity on your rest days.

Here are some other tips to maximize your workout results. Be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night (7.5-8.5 hours per night) drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated (6-8 glasses per day) & most importantly, make healthy food choices! This includes lean proteins, lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and “good fats” such as Omega 3’s found in fish, avocado, and olive oil (in moderation) Avoid processed foods whenever possible, and stay away from refined sugar and anything deep-fried!!

Wishing you success in your new program! We know it will give you the results you want and you’re going to love it!
Your best body starts today!

1 hour physical activity??? The right solution!

posted Jan 28, 2010 by Kathleen Zalko

Studies are showing that one hour of physical activity daily (moderate to intense) is needed to maintain strength, flexibility, energy levels, and overall good health. The Ron Zalko Workout DVD is the perfect way to meet your daily exercise requirements, sculpt your body, feel energetic and have fun while you’re doing it!

Welcome to Complete Body Workout!

posted Dec 15, 2009 by RALPH VIGNA

Welcome to the Complete Body Workout Web Shop!

Our aim is to provide quality products to help you achieve your goals for a healthy and fit life! Instructional DVDs, nutritional information, fitness accessories, fitness apparel featuring the chic, elegant and sexy Ma Una collection are examples of the many fine and practical products offered.

Products are being posted continuously! If you would like to be informed as soon as new products become available, we invite you to sign up for our Fit of the Day. This way you will be kept informed as soon as the products are ready!

The Ron Zalko Workout DVD will be on sale in January. No need to wait any longer or indeed search for the complete exercise program that works all muscle groups, and adds the important components of yoga and meditation! This is a wonderful opportunity to set your fitness goals, lose some wanted weight, sculpt your body and feel FANTASTIC! And all of this within the comfort of your own home!

Ron Zalko Workout Background Information

posted Dec 14, 2009 by RALPH VIGNA

Ron has been on the fitness scene for over 30 years and knows first hand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and mind.

Formerly 210 pounds, Ron is now a trim 154 pound athlete who founded Ironman Canada and was the first to initiate aerobic exercise classes done to music. He also became the first Canadian to finish the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon World Championship (from fat man to Ironman!).

From working with and being endorsed by Jane Fonda while she was featured on the cover of Time Magazine as the Queen of Aerobics, and also with Richard Simmons, Ron Zalko has played host to or has personally trained stars such as Donny Osmond, Faye Dunaway, Diahann Carroll, Jessica Biel, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Reynolds,Alanis Morissete, The Rock, Triple H, Kim Cattrall, Seal, Edward James Olmos, David Suzuki, Trevor Linden, Bif Naked, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Eric McCormack and most recently Zac Efron and Amanda Crew.

The Ron Zalko Workout DVD is the culmination of over 30 years of proven results. Now in ONE single DVD you can follow the complete body workout routine developed by Zalko. It features strength, core, flexibility, aerobics, yoga, meditation. The exercises are easy to follow.

All of this is in one incredible DVD. Lose weight…sculpt your body…be in the best condition of your life mentally, physically and emotionally!

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