What is CBW?

Can it work for me?

How do I start?

It’s the Complete Body Workout. Incorporating cardio, core, aerobics, weights, yoga and meditation, it’s the first combined workout to be introduced in North America. CBW will help you take control of your body and mind. The DVD will be your own personal trainer. It will continually challenge and motivate you to work hard and build strength, tone and condition. It’s about more than just weight-loss. Get ready for the workout of your life.

Of course! If you want to get in shape, CBW will help you make it happen. A well-balanced exercise routine is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. CBW has been carefully designed by international fitness pioneer and guru, founder of Ironman Canada, and trainer to the stars, Ron Zalko who went from fat man to Ironman, completing the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii twice. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting out – if you want to lose weight and be in shape, this is the DVD for you! Want to see more? Check out these clips from the DVD.

If you’re ready to take control, have a toned, firm, beautiful body, and feel confident and empowered, the Complete Body Workout DVD will get you started. Whether you’re looking for a beginner, intermediate or advanced workout, CBW’s expert routine and motivational music will push you to succeed to the limits you want. Along with the DVD, you can purchase clothing, equipment and fitness training products from our store.

Check out some of the fantastic music from the CBW DVD.
This music will keep you moving!