Complete Body Workout has been created by Ron Zalko and Dr. Ralph Vigna.

Ron moved to Canada over 30 years ago, and immediately found fast foods that were formerly a luxury to him. Knowing nothing about fitness and enjoying too much food, Ron became obese. He knew he needed to do something about it. While going to look at a fitness centre, he was put on a scale and told he had the potential to change his lifestyle.

Formerly 210 pounds, Ron is now a trim 154 pound athlete. He was not only the first Canadian to finish the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon World Championship (from fat man to Ironman!) but also founded the Ironman Canada competition and was the first to initiate aerobic exercise classes done to music in Vancouver. It was his commitment to himself and the will to improve that helped him to achieve his goals. Ron used his experience as a top DJ in Israel to inspire people to lose weight in a fun way, and was able to combine the nightclub atmosphere with fitness and the best European music. Ron has adapted proven workout techniques and used his own experience working out to create the Complete Body Workout, the most complete full-body workout. His whole life, he has engaged with stars in every industry, working with Jane Fonda (of Jane Fonda Workouts – the Queen of Aerobics) and Richard Simmons to develop effective and exciting workout programs.

Dr. Ralph Vigna is an international consultant and educator who works with all types of people to help them achieve their goals and take control of their personal and professional lives. He is an expert in the art of motivation, and has been featured in fitness magazines for his commitment to personal fitness. This commitment helped him work through personal tragedies, including divorce and the deaths of loved ones, and come through triumphant, healthy and strong.

Dr. Vigna knows from his work and from personal experience that taking control of your fitness can help you overcome challenges and feel totally alive – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially.

We would like to thank the many contributors to Complete Body Workout:

Daniel Sarunic is a talented European designer with a background in both fashion and graphic design. As Lead Designer of the Croatian Olympic team uniforms, he possesses artistic skills that have been showcased globally. Daniel is a demonstrated leader in creative design, as evidenced by his work on the CBW™ logo. Furthermore, Daniel is head designer of the Ma Una collection of fitness apparel for women and men. His experience, creative skills and fashion design knowledge shows in this new stylish, chic and sexy fitness collection.

Propaganda Hair is owned by Andre Abboud, an award-winning stylist trained in New York, Miami, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. Joe Paquette, one of the members of the Propaganda Team, brings that experience and training to CBW™, using the latest techniques in hair styling and makeup artistry.

Nissa Campbell is an experienced web developer, designer, blogger and editor. She writes for leading retail industry blog Shopping Center Weekly, and designs websites for industry leaders in many fields.wever

Affolter Entertainment is a Canadian independent film production company dedicated to creating inspired films, videos, animation & graphic design. The Affolter brothers have worked on many well-regarded television and film projects, and Affolter Entertainment has received a number of awards and nominations throughout the Canadian and International film industries. Along with their many award-winning productions, Affolter Entertainment has worked on fitness projects, including Body Works, for the creators of “The L word.”

Marla Stewart, Padma, is one of Canada’s most respected teachers of meditation and yoga. She is highly regarded for her extensive studies and vast knowledge of meditation and classical yogic studies. To all her teachings, Padma brings a rich wisdom of physical, intellectual and spiritual knowledge. She aims to awaken freedom and inspire health in all aspects of our lives. For more information visit - and check out her Mountain and Ocean DVDs.

Other Contributors wish to remain anonymous. However, we wish to express our deep gratitude for the contributions made on critiquing the DVD and for the provision of legal services!