*The Ron Zalko Workout* - Get in the best shape of your life!

Complete Body Workout targets all the main muscle groups in your body (upper body, waist, hips, thighs, abs, buttocks etc.) and also involves a cardiovascular component. This ensures that you will burn more calories per session than other workouts, and will get you on the fast track to weight loss!

For further toning and firming your body, alternate days of the CBW, with weight training, cardio and rest days. (1-2 rest days per week) This will allow you to lose weight faster while allowing your muscles time between workouts for recovery. Stretching or yoga classes are also great alternatives if you want light activity on your rest days.

Here are some other tips to maximize your workout results. Be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night (7.5-8.5 hours per night) drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated (6-8 glasses per day) & most importantly, make healthy food choices! This includes lean proteins, lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and “good fats” such as Omega 3’s found in fish, avocado, and olive oil (in moderation) Avoid processed foods whenever possible, and stay away from refined sugar and anything deep-fried!!

Wishing you success in your new program! We know it will give you the results you want and you’re going to love it!
Your best body starts today!